Finding great programmers is tough these days. And finding great programmers who are specialists in cloud computing is even harder. 

 Since 2010, Appko has provided targeted services to support cloud computing and OpenStack deployment for businesses like yours. Now, the Appko team would like to invite you to a conversation to learn more about what we do and how our cloud service can save you both time and money down the road.

Do you have cloud projects you want to get done but your team is focusing on daily business?

Would you like to build a Tiger Team to tackle those projects?

 The Appko team has the know how to help you achieve your cloud computing goals--from prebuilt and custom built tools to experts available locally and offshore for short term, long term, and contract gigs.

We specialize in customer success in the following areas:

  • Cloud

  • Continuous integration (CI) & Continuous delivery (CD)

  • DevOps

  • Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Java Scala

  • OpenStack

  • Application Configuration Management (ACM)

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