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Appko announces release of a proof of concept – “Appko Service Cloud”

SAN JOSE, CA – June 1, 2016 - Appko (, a Silicon Valley startup company, is announcing the release of a proof of concept called an “Automation Service Cloud” which fully automates Openstack. Appko have called this package of services the “Appko Service Cloud”.

The “Appko Service Cloud” delivers an extensive library of pre-build SOA services that does everything in Openstack that one could ever need to do. Every single possible series of tasks that would be needed has been automated with one of these services. These services can be used and called by any user application (web, mobile, portal, ITIL, etc.) without the need to write any custom code to call Openstack’s APIs directly.

“Appko automates everything in Openstack and it touches everything”, says Appko CEO Sean DuLac.

Why waste precious time developing custom code or applications to do complex series of tasks when you can take the “Appko Service Cloud” and just call the service you need?

In “Appko Service Cloud” proof of concept Appko is going to bring up the following topics:

·      our Java application (MCP2) we built as POC on top of our Automation Service Cloud for fitting Openstack into an existing IT environment(custom);

·      usage of either Cisco Prime Service Catalog or BMC Cloud Lifecycle Manager on top of it(ITIL);

·      what makes our services easily extendable or customizable and allows Appko to deliver systems integrations for Openstack in a rapid engagement.

About Appko:
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Sean Moreland at telephone: 408 600 2860 or email:


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