Of the many political discussions out there, the state of the economy is a key subject that impacts peoples’ lives. Making the economy produce the maximum utility is a universally ongoing dilemma. A key solution to this problem is investment. 

In 2014, working collaboratively with Fifth Era, 1World Online surveyed hundreds of accredited investors in eight countries around the world (the USA, Australia, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, and the UK) in order to discover the factors influencing decisions to invest, specifically with Digital Content Intermediaries (DCIs). The results suggest that the following are four common factors:

Legal Environment: 89% of those surveyed stated that the state of the legal environment had a moderate to strong negative impact on their decision to invest.

Regulatory Ambiguity: 88% of those surveyed were deterred from investing in DCIs that offered user generated content given an ambiguous regulatory framework.

Uncertain and Potentially Large Damages: 85% of those surveyed agree that uncertain and potentially large damages are main factors that deter them from investing in DCIs.

Secondary Effects of IP infringement Regulation: If new anti-piracy regulations increased the risk that investments would be exposed to secondary liability in IP infringement cases, 78% of those surveyed stated they would not invest in DCIs that offer user uploaded content.

View the full report here.

Most importantly, opinions of the rest of the population should be considered. 1World is now asking non-accredited investors to participate in voicing their opinions about investment and the factors that influence their decisions.